Year 4 feedback from instrument project

Dear year 4,

This has been the first year we have run the instrument project. Could you please give some advice to next years year 4 groups? It would be really helpful if you could pass on some of the the important things you have learned this year.

Tom, James and Joe have asked me to pass on their thank yous for the wonderful cards and messages you gave them. They really appreciate them!

So please can you think back to the music project, pass on some advice and tell me what you thought of the instrument lessons.

Remember to just use your first name!

Many thanks,
Mrs Schneider

55 thoughts on “Year 4 feedback from instrument project

  1. I really enjoyed trumpet because i liked the way that James taught us and the songs we learned. I really liked James because he made instructions clear and taught us the fun way.


  2. I really enjoyed learning all the different instruments such as trumpet , guitar ,drums
    My favorite instrument was trumpet . My favorite teacher was James because he was very funny . I want to say a big THANK YOU to Merton music foundation !



  3. i enjoyed trumpet,guitar and djembe i didn’t like the fact that the trumpet keys got stuck all the time. my personal favourite is the djembe because tom was a very fun teacher he let us play our favourite game at the end of a lesson. 😀


  4. I love musicccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc


  5. Thank you for all your hard work and i thought that drums was the best. I really enjoyed tom because i liked the sound of the cow bell and he kept banging it.


  6. i liked playing the drums with tom my teacher.It was the first instrument i played
    1st drums
    2nd trumpet
    3rd guitar


  7. I loved playing every instruments and i liked the teacher

    BYE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. I loved playing the drums especially when I started tapping the drums.
    Drums is my favorite instrument .
    I want to say a big THANK YOU to Merton music foundation


  9. I rely liked the trumpet because trumpet was so fun and loud .I didnt like drums because you couldnt take them home.


  10. I really enjoyed playing the instrument . My favorite instrument was the trumpet .
    I want to say thank you to Merton music foundation .


    • in music it was the best thank u so much and SOS that im not coming to the music after school club-thingy . (:( But i still hope that u guy dont give up and have a lovely time.





  12. i really enjoyed the different instruments and the teachers were very fun.I didnt
    like drum because you coudnt take them home


  13. I thought of so many rhythm and the songs are so determined and the teacher in music are amazing and they teach us a lot about music and there habit. My fav is the 3 instrument and i like it


  14. thanks i really liked all of the amazing songs and i really enjoyed playing the favourite teacher was James,the trumpet tutor.


  15. During year four we had a great exprince in music.we had three tutoers that showed us that it is way harder then it looks.I started of with trumpet,my tutoer was called james.Although trumpet may be a pain i learnt it in the ,i started of with guitar and found out


  16. Dear Miss Schneider and Merton Music Foundation

    I want to say a HUGE thank you to all the tutors for their time and knowledge to pass on to me.My #1 instrument was and still is the Drums! Firstly because Tom is very fun to work with, in every lesson he asks us how was our week and I can always bring something that I learnt at home.Lastly, I really liked the way that I can still remember all the beats.#2 is trumpet. I like this because he is friendly and really helpful with what we do.All in all, great work! I also want to say an even BIGGER THANK YOU to Miss Schneider and all the people who helped to put this whole thing altogether! Without them this whole thing would not happen!




  17. THIS was a epic term and i really enjoy it was a lot of fun.MY most Favourite instument was the drums and the trumpet because trumpet was really noisy and really fun and james was really fun also tom joe .


  18. It was great i liked the rhymes and the quick songs .It is cool i wish it was a concert .


  19. Thank you so much for teaching us, are we gonna make our own songs in year 6, i know how to play piano a little and let us have some other teachers like Tom, Joe and James ,we will make St.Teresa’s good and wonderful


  20. This term was epic! we did drum’trumpet and guitar.the trumpet was the hardest because making a sound was impossible! I love guitar so much i now go to lessons.Thank you all who helped! I recommend you have fun then stress out.


  21. Thank-you for giving us the opportunity to play instruments.I enjoyed playing and learning all three instruments.GUITAR,DRUMS And TRUMPET. Thankyou for all the teachers who have took their own time to teach us.I am very grateful for all thier support.
    : )


  22. I enjoyed the trumpet because it made nice loud noises.And it was fun learning all of the rythyms and learning the song Mary had a little thank you.


  23. I really enjoyed playing the instruments. My favourite was trumpet because i could play really loud. The teachers were amazing and really talented and very helpful. It inspired me to enjoy music and listen to music more often. I found guitar really hard and challenging because we had to learn more then one song to play in five weeks and to learn all the string names like A and B. I love music. Thank you for inspiring me.


  24. It was amazing my eyes were full of tears i couldn’t believe it.My favorite instrument was the violin.My favorite song was be free.It had lots of power in it and all of them were fantastic.


  25. I enjoyed all the moments we had of playing the instruments. They all were difficult as the for the guitar you have to keep moving your hand up and down the strings, the djembe was hard as you needed to remember all the shapes you are make with your hand to play the instrument and trumpet as you needed to figure out how hard to blow. Even though the were a bit hard, I enjoyed it.


  26. It was an amazing experience, the teachers were awesome and I enjoyed every second of it. My favorite instrument was the guitar because, I learned one of my favorite songs especially the baseline. I will be continuing to learn the guitar in year5.


  27. I loved our music lessons because we got to experience how the musical instruments worked. Drums was the hardest but we got to listen to different musics on the Djembe and tom was a really good teacher. The trumpets was my favorite but sometimes it was really hard because the trumpet got stuck sometimes but James was really fun. THE GUITAR WAS ALSO REAIIY FUN.


  28. When we where doing Djembe the teacher would tell us what we did over the week and learned about sound and different songs


  29. I loved all the songs and the instruments that they used in the back track. my favorite song was overcome.


  30. I loved the drums,guitar and trumpet i really liked the drums because at the end of the song we got to shout ROSS!!!.

    I really liked the teachers that tought us the music. I liked all the teachers that tought us all the subjects in class and that i liked the most are (MR GALLOWAY,MISS HARRISON)



  31. I loved it because you got to learn how to use three different instrument. My personal favourite instrument was the guitar and you even got to chose if your going to do lessons after school. The teachers are great to! Tank you Tom,Joe and James!!!


  32. I loved all the music this year including learning the guitar, trumpet and djembe drum. I realy enjoyed the teachers because they helped and supported me. I liked learning all the songs like Mary had a little lamb. I didn`t like how we could`t take the drums home.


  33. I enjoyed all the musical instruments as it was a challenge.The teachers were very good and teached me.I liked when we got to perform to our parents.I didn’t like the part when we got to do more in the other instruments.


  34. I loved it,all of the songs were brilliant but, my favorite was we`re going to high school because of the back track and their singing voices.They were amazing !!!!!!


  35. It was really cool learning the instruments and I got to show off what I learnt at home. The hardest instrument was the trumpet because you had to use your breath. The djembe was the most fun one I liked. The guitar was the one which had the most songs in it.


  36. thank you for the favorite instrument was the trumpet.The hardest part was learning Mary had a little lamb.


  37. I loved it,the teachers where fantastic I loved the tumrput but they where all good. I might go for more lessons on the guitar.


  38. This term was epic! learning about drum,guitar and trumpet was awesome. The hardest instrument was doing trumpet because making a sound was impossible.I was inspired so much that I now go to guitar lessons! I would say to not stress instead have fun !!! Thank you all!
    From Jenna


  39. Thank-you for giving us the opportunity to play instruments.I enjoyed playing and learning all three instruments.GUITAR,DRUMS And TRUMPET. Thankyou for all the teachers who have took their own time to teach us.I am very grateful for all thier support.
    : )


  40. It was an EPIC! adventure learning how to play the guitar,drum and trumpet I loved playing all of them but I loved the drum the best ! I especially liked all the tutors because they were all so amazing and kind.


  41. I enjoyed having these music lessons with professional music teachers because even though it was tough at times it was still really fun to learn something new. The teachers where really nice and were very helpful when we got stuck on anything. My favourite instrument to play was the trumpet even though it was still kind of hard to get a sound out of it. The instruments we got to play were the djembe, trumpet and the guitar. The guitar was really hard to play because it was very fiddly because you had to use certain strings and also the frecks were very hard to use sometimes. All in all it was very fun. Thank you tutors


  42. I loved it when we got to play all the instruments. My favourite instrument is the guitar because its cooler and even bigger than the other two instruments. Thank u Tom,James,and Joe for giving us the opportunity to play three different instruments. A djembe ,a guitar and a trumpet.YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!!!!!!


    • i wrote the first comment in school and this one at home




  44. I really enjoyed playing the instruments this year because we got to learn different songs. I ALSO THOUGHT IT WAS VERY FUN! I thought the teachers were very friendly and they taught us lots of things . I liked it when we got to play love yourself on the guitar . I would like to say a big THANK YOU to the teachers and Merton music founedation for all there hard work ! also to Mrs schneider .


  45. Music this year was fun!!! We played instruments and played songs! 🙂
    The teachers who teaches us were fun! We had tons of laughs!
    I liked the guitars because it played some of my favorites like “smoke on water”
    What I didn’t like was the trumpets because it was hard to make a sound.
    Although I like all of it! <3


  46. The teachers are really nice.My favourite instrument was drums because i liked making loud noises and hitting the drums.


  47. I thought that playing instruments with the Merton music foundation company was a great opportunity. I really liked playing the guitar because it is my favorite instrument.What I didn’t like was when we had to sing without using our breath!


  48. this year in music we got to learn 3 amazing instruments which i thought were epic.we all got different teachers to teach different instruments.Each instruments
    were nice but the guitar tutor (JOE) inspired me to get my own guitar.The only thing i didn’t like was the song spooky!


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