Year 4 music evaluations

Hello year 4,

Could you spend some time thinking back about what you have learned during our music lessons this year? We have done all sorts of things from experimenting with the pentatonic scale, preparing songs for the Christmas concert – remember “Ding, ding a dong”? !!!!

This year we have done a lot of vocal work.

You did some brilliant work with the African songs. I was really impressed with how we were able to use dynamics to build an exciting performance.

We did some work on “Sunshine in my heart” drawing the pitches and working out some harmonies. We were able to sing it in 3 parts by the end!

This term we have been looking a music from Brazil and sports songs.

Can you let me know your feedback about our music lessons this year please! I’d like to know what your highlights have been, what you have learned and what you still want to find out.

I would also like to know about your musical life outside school! Do you belong to choir, music clubs or learn an instrument? How are you getting on? Have you been to any music concerts? What music do you like listening to?

I look forward to reading your comments!

37 thoughts on “Year 4 music evaluations

  1. I go to a music club and I learn to play keyboards!
    Thank you for teaching us these amazing songs.But is hard to remember.


  2. I am in a group (in Guitar) and im with Kian and miss Griffin and she is the Best she is very funny and i am learning how to play the Simpsons and song of the mountains and it is tricky but I love it.


  3. Prithika I also agree, as I can barely play a piano, but just. I think we should all take lessons in class, or maybe some just play. And also, did you like the Fifa World Cup Song? I did!


  4. This year we learnt the penta scale and Chinese music like Gong shy . And we did some Brazilian music and making a rhythm to the song . And I am part
    of the ukulele club which is fun because were learning how to do happy on
    the ukulele . And we did Mopakominasway and African songs like Oleo. 🙂


  5. hello! Mrs.Schneider I love your singing! AND you are the best music teacher ever!!!


  6. Miss I think you forgot the Chinese song ,but it dosent matter I must be quite hard to remember all those songs.


  7. I go glee club after school and you also forgot about the Chinese new year song .The best thing I like about music class is the games we play , sing and use the instrument.The Brazilian song was so jazzy i was humming it home and as my birthday present my mum will join me in a piano class with my brother and sometimes my brother teaches me which is funny and Chris in glee club has a nice voice because he can change his voice in high ,low and jazzy.My favourite music in music class is sunshine in my heart.Also I like playing on Mrs ,Ipad.


  8. hi,i really like music through the year my favorite thing about music is my viola.
    I do lessons on saturdays and onsembele on mondays its so fun I have friends to…it sounds all beautiful , and I love to play it and teach my favorite is doing a pizz forgot the chines newyear song;0


  9. I remember , all them fun times that we had singing African songs to another school, and I had to sing one of the African songs . And I have all ways loved it when we do lots of vocal exercises .
    I thank you for teaching us


  10. I miss Brazilians songs , the chinese songs and Christmas songs and I do piano lessons


  11. I go to a summer school in my church and and I played the Drums and i’m very good.
    I also played the keyboard in school.
    I can play the Drums, the Recorder, the Guitar, the Uke and the Keyboard.


  12. This year I loved music this year. My favourite is Chinese music gong shy.
    Brazilian music really fits the world cup . I love the rhythm of the African songs .

    Today I loved the warm up and the what’s your name song. And the swimming song.
    I am in guitar lessons and I love learning new things but why do we need picks?


  13. I remember, ‘ Ding Ding Ding dong’ for the Christmas Concert and the Brazilian songs, we even did one this morning!
    Today you asked me about which kind of music I play out of school.
    I play keyboard at home, I go to the Merton music foundation Choir and Merton Foundation’s music makers.
    I think music is a very good exercise. 😀


    • Yes! Bring it along and play us a song


  14. I also really like the Fifa world cup song so thanks to our fabulous music teacher Mrs Schnider. I like the swimming song I am good at the breast stroke.


  15. I also go to an instrument club too, and I think we should try and learn how to learn to play other instruments, or maybe we can teach others.


  16. I really like all these things but you forgot the Chinese song for the new year. The ding dong song at our Christmas performance. It was a BIG hit indeed. With the African songs I was really good because I’m an African. I loved sunshine in my heart. (:


  17. I love music because music is my life and I love the Christmas Concert with that cool catchy song ‘Ding Ding a Dong’
    I wish I could be talented as others.

    When we finish music lessons my throat was painful but great lessons though I really love music :


  18. Hello miss i love your China songs and your Brazilan songs, i love hearing you with year 4 so i love music.


  19. I LOVE EVERY THING but you forgot the Chinese song. i sill remember how to play a piano so i day i wish that we can learn it.


  20. I liked the Christmas play because I got to play the Djembe.
    Also I liked the singing.
    I wish we could do it again! 🙂


  21. Personally, i have learnt how to harmonize singing, and focus on things like instruments.

    I like 3 of the previous things we have focused on. Such as:
    The African Music,
    And The Chinese New Year Songs.

    I would also like to mention a particular You-tube Channel, who sing either covers, or make their own songs, and they are called Pentatonix, Or PTXOffical. I think we could try and do something like harmonize even more, or focus on pop songs, or just try out different instruments even though you cant exactly play it, such as A guitar, or a piano.


  22. I LOVE EVERY THING but you forgot the Chinese song. i sill remember how to play a piano so i day i wish that we can use learn it.


  23. I go to a music Guitar club after school in ST Teresas and i love it because we are preparing for a concert that we might have,I also am enjoying our music lessons about Brazilian music I was one of the people to stand and lead the scraper group Yay I really like our music lessons.


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