Year 4 project

Look out for year 4 carrying their guitars and trumpets carefully around school on Wednesdays! They are lucky enough to be taking part in a special instrumental project this year. many of you may know Soo Bishop, who is a director of Merton Music Foundation. She will be coming into school every week to teach trumpet.

My name is Soo Bishop and I am a music teacher, singer and  trumpeter. I began playing the trumpet when I was 12 because I really loved the sound. It also seemed much easier than the piano ( which I was already learning – it’s HARD!). I went to the Royal Academy of Music in London to study the trumpet when I was 18, then played in many different professional bands and ensembles around the country. I am now 1st Trumpet with the Central Band of the Royal British Legion. We play a huge range of music from films, TV, theatre, classical and jazz. I love playing with the band – my picture shows me in my band uniform!  I also really enjoy teaching and I have worked for MMF for 15 years, running lots of choirs and choral projects with 1,000s of children in Merton schools. I am really looking forward to teaching at St Teresa’s.

Soo will be joining Tom and Joe in teaching here o Wednesday afternoons.

You can follow the progress of the year 4 project on their own WCET page here

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  1. I think Year 4 have made a great start to the music project this year. Everyone is really enthusiastic and have remembers thier instruments (with a little help from Mums and Dads). I’m quite jealous when I see them all heading off to music lessons and I often wish I could learn along with them!


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