Year 5 Royal Albert Hall Performance

Year 5 are all about to embark on a magical journey to the majestic Royal Albert Hall.Year 5 will be working really hard .We would like to thank Pete Churchhill for actually composing all these songs and teaching us. I would also like to thank Soo Bishop for going through all this stress to teach us the songs.Finally, I would like to thank all the other schools for taking part in this preformance.I cannot explain how we all are feeling here are lots of words:







I am sure there are lots more !

How are you feeling?

What words can you think of?

Do you have any questions?


10 thoughts on “Year 5 Royal Albert Hall Performance

  1. Christabel, you have made me more desparate and exited to go to the Royal Albert Hall (R.A.H).I am sure that it is not long until we go on our journey to the Royal Albert Hall!!!


    • What has made you more desparate Jedd?


  2. Christabel so when are year 5 going royal albert hall or have you already gone


    • Year 5 are performing on Mon 22 April in the evening. Tickets are now on sale!


    • Thanks fingers cross there are any spare tickets


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