Year 5 – Soo & Pete have written to you

Dear ‘The Journey’ Choir Members,

YOU WERE amazing!!

Once in a while, life brings an experience that will stay in one’s heart and soul forever, something so special it will never be forgotten. Last Monday you wonderful children gave Pete and myself the most uplifting and joyous evening ever! You sang with skill, passion and a sense of commitment that we could almost touch. Your audience was totally captivated, both by your powerful messages and the strength of your delivery – you were sensational!

We have worked you very hard over the past six months. During that time you have become better singers and musicians, improved your vocal technique and choral abilities and developed a better understanding of the processes needed to achieve really high quality results. In return, we have been reminded of why we became musicians and teachers in the first place – every moment we’ve spent with you has been rewarded by your outstanding performance.

So, try not to forget what you have learned during the project, that you can achieve great things if you put in time and effort and always aim to do your best. Remember some of Pete’s great sayings: ‘’Don’t ‘sing along’… SING!’’; ‘’Don’t practise till you get it right, practise until you CAN’T get it wrong’’; ‘’Use your eyebrows’’!! We have achieved something quite extraordinary because everyone pulled together, to create an awesome team. I also hope you enjoyed hearing all the fabulous bands and singing with our super guest musicians, who were so impressed with you and loved being part of our concert, too.

If you want to carry on singing or learn an instrument, Merton Music Foundation can help, so find out more from your school – call us (020 8640 5446) or go onto our website: Some fantastic photos from Monday will be up on the website soon (which you can buy) and you and your parents can also leave comments about the project which we’ll read, I promise! My Saturday morning choir here at Chaucer Centre, Merton Young Voices, is great fun (despite a 9am start!) – it would be great to see some of you there each week.

With much love,

Soo and Pete

46 thoughts on “Year 5 – Soo & Pete have written to you

  1. Thank you Soo and Pete it was great seeing other schools and performing live in the Royal Albert Hall


  2. Thank you Soo and Pete for giving us such a good time that we can remember through the rest of our lives and thank you for helping us learn how to sing better!


  3. Absolutely wonderful evening, the hard work practising really showed. Honey and manny would like me too thank on their behalf sue and pete for giving them a wonderful experience. Thank you too the teachers. l


  4. thank you pete and soo for letting us have this wonderful time for us to go to this place and sing


  5. Dear Soo and Pete I want to thank you so much that you put on this performance for all of the schools that took part in ”The Journey”I really wish all of 5H and 5A will be able to experience another enchanting performance in another place soon.I hope you remember all of 5H and 5A.Thank you,


  6. Dear Soo and Pete,
    Thank you for giving us this amazing opportunity to the Royal Albert Hall. I really hope that we would be able to have another chance to see the enchanted sight. I would also like to thank you for all the practice that you have given us and also, for teaching us new songs. Maybe, when I grow up and become a very good song-writer, I would write you one. And once again, THANK YOU! 🙂


  7. Dear Soo & Pete,
    Thank you for giving us the opptuniety to go to the Royal Albert Hall I havent been there before so it was amazing. I realy enjoyed watching the musicians play the guitars and the drums. Thank you


  8. Dear Soo and Pete,

    Thank you for choosing our school. I will never forget the Royal albert hall performance. Its was an amazing expeireance.


  9. Dear Soo and Pete
    Thank for bringing us a memorable moment to a journey to the Royal Albert Hall and participating in a peformance.


  10. I liked everything which we did in the royal albert hall but especially the farewell calypso, i was intoxiciated with when i first heard of it. Thank you


  11. Dear pete and soo,
    The royal albert hall performance was a life changing experience. It helped me to become more confident. It helped me discover more about how concerts and music is put together. Thank you,


  12. Dear Soo and Pete,
    Thank you soooo much for giving us this amazing opportuinity!!! I loved every moment of it! We wouldn’t have done this without you! I had an amazing time! I was wondering if you can give me a music lesson about the piano?


  13. Dear Soo and Pete,

    I really enjoyed the whole experience . Before I was really excited about going to the RAH and it was better than I had imaged .Thank you for picking our school because if it wasnt for you we wouldnt be able to experience this whole this this whole thing. You and Pete have worked so hard to get this all together and that is really hard work with 1,500 young musicians . I really liked the fact that you let us dance on the Farewell Calypso because it made the whole song really exciting and funny .
    Thank you any way
    Christabel 5H


  14. thank you so much soo and pete for finding the time to help us learn the songs. Also , thank you for including our school in this amazing project. This is a once in a lifetime opptunity. thank you !!!


  15. Thank you so much for this once in a lifetime educational and unforgetable experience, I can’t belive that the performance is already histrory! This was the most magical thing that has ever happened to me! Thank you Soo and Pete!


  16. thank you for this oppurtunitey of comming to the royal albert hall and thank you for teaching us all the wonder full songs and the partws when you split us up like when we sang no wind and no rain
    thank you for every think i loved seeing all the performers on stages and all the solo singers
    and dancers thank you so much.


  17. Thank you so much Soo and Pete for letting us particeapate in the wonderful event at the RAH .


  18. I really enjoyed taking part in a astoishing performence, I loved every miniute of it.
    It’s been amazing working with both you.


  19. Thank you soo and pete for the great exsperience it was super fun and i hope that i can see you again bye for now thank you so much


  20. Dear Soo and Pete

    Thank you for picking us to take part in this performance, I really enjoyed myself and my parents loved it too. Thank you for encouraging us. This was another great opputunity I have had as I was there, 2 years ago, in 2011 for the ‘With One Voice’ performance. I loved going there overall.


  21. Dear Soo & Pete,

    I had a great time at the Royal Albert Hall. Thank you so much! How did you first become a musician? 🙂


  22. Dear Soo and Pete,

    Thank you so much for giving us the oppitunity to express our true feelings for music, and for writing to us. I overally enjoyed working with you, as I did two years ago with the rainbow nation project that we performed. I was exstremely excited, going to the Royal Albert Hall again, it’s a one in a life time oppitunity to go there, and the fact that you made it possible for me to go again is so nice of you.

    Thank you so much


  23. I really like the songs they are so good I liked when the balloons and I liked the voice box people that sang I like the last song


  24. I really like the the songs and the choir who sang the first lines os the songs. And I like when the balloons came down on the people. I like the last song and the dance what everyone did in the Royal Albert Hall.It was really funny and it was fun in the Royal Albert Hall.


  25. Dear pete and soo,
    I will never forget the day that I performed in the Royal Albert Hall it was my grandmas favoute birthday present
    ever i really enjoyed it expersirly when we sang farewell
    thank you lots and lots.


  26. WOW, it was amazing thanks for giving this astonishing ,mindblowing experience to keep forever.THANKS I WAS INTOXICATED !!!


  27. Dear Pete and Soo
    I really enjoyed reading this letter and remembering the performance, I really do hope I can work with you again!You are an ispiration to all young musicians and people who have only just entered the world of music.The whole experience was amazing!
    I’ll never forget the moments in the rehersals that made us all laugh,sing ourhearts out and try our best.The feeling of singing infront of so many people was outstanding, and the memory of working with you will never be forgotten!
    From a member of St.Teresa’s.


  28. Thank you for teaching us all the songs that we needed to sing. How did you become a musican?


  29. i had a greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat experience at the RAH


  30. Thank you Soo and Pete for choosing us to go to the Royal Albert Hall because, it was a great experience for me and my brother and my Mum.Thank you for the wonderful letter. But will you do the journey again?


  31. Thank you Soo and Pete for this wonderful expirence for the journey at the RAH.I have found that this expirence has got me running with music that I would love to do it again if I had a chance. Thank You Soo and Pete


  32. thank you for all your support in this project and helping me to be a better musicion/singer


  33. I really enjoyed when I performed at the Royal Albert Hall and it is once in a lifetime and I am thanking you for making me part of this thrilling performance


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