Year 5 thoughts and reflections

So how have you been finding year 5 music lessons so far?

I would really like to know your thoughts on the film music we have been studying and creating.
How are you getting on with the Echo’s project?
Are you learning an instrument in one of our clubs or at home? Are you making progress? How do you know?

I really would like to hear from you about your personal development with music. I can’t wait to read your comments!

73 thoughts on “Year 5 thoughts and reflections

  1. I really enjoy working with Soo!She is funny and amusing and has a great voice!!!At the moment we are preparing for a performance which is going to be nervewracking but fun at the same time!!Also,we are the youngest primary school there!Please wish us luck and geuss what???We are going to sing with Pete Churchill!! How would you feel if you were in my shoes??
    Thanks for reading…Angel


  2. I really enjoyed singing with soo also i liked the music we were doing to the trailer Gladiator. It would be cool if we learnt to play the trumpet then i could play the piano, electric and acustic guitar and the trumpet

    Olivia 5w


  3. I loved learning about Echoes I think that was my favourite music lesson.
    I wish we could have learnt about Echoes a little bit more so we could learn a bit more facts.
    Thank you Mrs Schnieder for letting us learn about Echoes.


  4. I loved learning about Echoes I think that was my favourite music lesson.
    I wish we could have learnt about Echoes a little bit more so we could learn a bit more facts.
    Thank you Mrs Schnieder for letting us learn about Echoes.


  5. I have had an amazing time in year 5 and enjoyed every lesson very much but the lesson that really stood out to me was the bass o sunato.


  6. i found this topic fun and amusing.i loved using the keyboard and singing.i think we should do singing more often and we should use more instruments and use laptops more often


  7. I really enjoy these lessons especially when we do songs and instruments. I wish i had more lessons of these Mrs Schneider.


  8. i really like music lessons because we get to learn how to play the flute , violin and different sounds we can make by using are voices. Mrs Schneider always make time to plan are music lessons and they are always fantastic. year 5 music lessons are amazing and i wish we could do them all over again.


  9. I’m getting well with soo because she is a very nice teacher, I’m also doing guitar lessons and its fun because Mrs Griffin at the end plays games and shows us how she plays with her guitar


  10. I really like music lessons. Im learning the violin. I also do vox pops. I want to use the drums in music lessons more. Also, I think the echoes project is fun. Can we do more singing???


  11. I loved doing the violin and it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. I enjoyed this term project with Soo , but I have enjoyed making Gladiator music . I have also learnt how to play the ukulele , I had just started on the guitar though


  13. I think music lessons so far have been really fun especially with the film trailers . Also when Soo has been here. I have learned lots about music , this is an amazing opportunity for us . Thank you Mrs Schneider.


  14. Our trailers was great and my piano lessons are going well. now I’m working on my piano theory.I am also working on a piano duet accompanied with another piano player.I’m thinking about learning the cello in Merton.


    • Have you seen the nice comments underneath your certificate?


  15. I like movie making and love to play instruments.Nevertheless,we could of had more time.


    • You might have to take that up with Mr Dachtler as he organises the timetable!


  16. I think that the Echoes project is great and inspirational to others,also Ithink that everyone has a great opputunity for others.


    • Which instruments Jeriola? We got to use keyboards in film music. Do you mean more time using keyboards or are there different instruments you would like to use?


  17. i realy liked when soo learned us the songs and i hope that she will come again.thank you Mrs schneider


    • Nice comment Natalia.If Soo read that she would be very happy


  18. The echoes project and the film music is very cool.I think I have made good progress and I am very happy about all the things I am going to learn.


    • How are you enjoying the after school violin lessons?


    • Of course and thank for making Mr Wide teach us how to play it.


    • I think that the Echoes project we are doing is fun and amazing and the music is good.


  19. mine was violin as it was the first instrument we played in music apart from all ways singing. 🙂


  20. I love music in year 5 so far. I love when soo comes in and teaches us awesome songs. Thank you Mrs Schenieder.


  21. i really enjoyed listening to the film music.Also i enjoyed learning new songs with Soo (SHE IS VERY FUNNY)


    • great reply 🙂 i would agree she is very funy


    • I think I’m getting on well with the echoes project because I understand it really easily.


  22. I enjoyed all the music lessons we had. I really liked when Soo came to us and taught us For People Will Come And people Will Go. I also liked when we were doing are Base ostinato rhythms. I enjoy all music lessons. THANK YOU MRS SCHNEIDER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  23. This year in music , I had a amazing time . I really enjoyed the movie music , as I actually lernt the really name for the teas trailer 😀


    • Me too! I hadn’t realised that the first trailer is called the “tease trailer”


  24. Our echoes are going very well and Soo comes to St Teresa’s to teach us some songs


  25. I have really enjoyed practising with soo. also the music is really strong . i had a great time singing. It was a lot of fun learning .


  26. i am loving the echos project so far the only thing that botherd me was the actions and claping to the beet.


  27. the echos project is fun so far because we sing and our instructor sue is teaching us the lyrics about history and we learn information from it.I don’t go to any music clubs or do any music at home,I just listen to other peoples songs because it relax’s me sometimes at home


  28. My favourite lesson we have had in year 5 so far is Violin. I loved it so much I signed up for our violin lessons in school. Mr Wild(our nickname for him in the club) IS SUCH A GOOD TEACHER!!


  29. I enjoyed making the film music as it gave us a taste of what real makers do


    • What was your bass ostinato rhythm?


    • Gladiator gladiator film film voice over voice over


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