Year 6 Dance off!

Year 6 have been listening to the Benny Goodman band play “Sing, Sing Sing”.

I was absolutely blown away by the fantastic dance moves year 6 demonstrate in the video below.

If the video above doesn’t play then click on the link below to watch.

watch video

21 thoughts on “Year 6 Dance off!

  1. Wow, where has the time gone! It’s just so amazing how time goes so quick. I really do miss St Teresa’s and that is why it is lovely to have a website to look back on old memories.;)


  2. Year 6, OMG! Wow, I thought Mrs Malone in the office was the best dancer in school but hands down you guys have exceeded all expectation. The sheer hardwork and effort you put into pulling off some the most difficult of dance moves is mind blowing incredible. It is remarkable performance to be watched again and again, and besides made me giggle with such laughter. You’ll never forget these wonderful opportunities that your amazing teachers have provided for you. Here Here! You are a superb Year group A* to you all!


  3. Well done year 6 for all your wonderful dances on World war 2 day! I enjoyed most of them and look forward to another video. I hope you enjoyed dancing as much as I enjoyed watching. Ha wow, very funny. Well done!


  4. Well done year 6 for all the dancing you went through, I enjoyed most of them. It was really funny watching boys with girls and girls with girls. Mostly girls because more boys are in a different class than girls. I hope you all had fun on your world war 2 day and look forward to a different video!


  5. Wow!……simply amazing.,…you guys are so talented! You certainly had my bones jiggling! Outstanding performance…..loved every second of it!….i keep rewinding it ……it has made my day! St Teresa’s is blessed to have such dedicated teachers and hard working pupils. It has put a warm glow in my heart …….


    • Thanks Marie for leaving such a lovely comment!


  6. Foot stompingly awesome, some impressive moves, I was transported back to the ’40s and what a well cut video.


  7. Wow Year 6 you were ALL FANTASTIC.
    I want to dance like you.


  8. My feet were itching to join in……..I did have a peek or two as your were in action and I thought the dancing was fantastic! Well done year 6 so trusting of each other. I just may join in the next time πŸ™‚


  9. Mrs Schneider this video is just fabulous, thank you so very much!

    What a fantastic day, fantastic dancing and an utterly fantastic year group!

    Well done to all of you! You embraced everything we threw at you and look at the results… Love, Trust, Teamwork and Ambition everywhere!

    Miss Malone x


  10. Dear Year 6 and staff,

    What a fantastic video! You looked amazing and your dance moves were superb! Pop in to me at lunch time to teach me a move or two! πŸ™‚
    I am a little sad now as you are looking so grown up – I miss you!
    Thank you to the Y6 team for creating such a great experience! x


    • We had a blast Miss Hefron, great day! I am so proud, they were simply superb! Xxx


  11. Absolutely fabulous, each and everyone of them. It looked like they we’re having fun dancing. They should do a musical as they all embraced it. Well done year 6 and your teachers.


  12. Absolutely amazing! It is wonderful to see you all so grown up and so professional!! Well done to you all X


  13. Dear Year 6,
    This dancing is super!
    It all looks very authentic, especially the way that Mrs Schneider has created special effects in the video. I have always admired the ways in which St Teresa’s children learn about World War 2 and I miss being a part of it! The teamwork here is fabulous, you must have worked very hard and put a lot of trust in each other – especially with all the jumps and catches? A great demonstration of the school’s values.
    Well done everyone
    Nicola πŸ™‚


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