Year 6 Raps

This half term yr 6 have been learning about hip hop and rap. They have created their own original raps and added some beatboxing. I am really impressed.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Year 6 Raps

  1. I am in year 6 and we certainly enjoyed this.It let us explore rap and gives us a chance to make our own music!!


  2. Well done to all my classmates!!
    It was really fun creating all these different raps and it definately was a fun experience!!!
    But its a shame that we haven’t recorded ours yet 🙁


  3. This properly cheered up my day after such an early start for school this morning. I loved the variety and variety of textures which you cleverly used, and of course the creative use of fairy lights in the ‘costumes’. Thanks to you all for sharing your work. Merry Christmas!


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