Videos to make you think.

Here you will find some videos about music. Some of them are funny, some of them are very difficult, some of them may seem strange but I hope that ALL of them will make you think!

95 thoughts on “Videos to make you think.

  1. I really liked birds on the wires , it makes me feel to jump up and go out on a very cold day.


  2. I really liked the james bond theam my best thing we down this half tearm was the piano becas i liked the movie septetr and i liked the theam of the music


  3. These songs are really good- I’d love to try and do a Capella of a song like that! I’m trying to find the video about the Royal Albert Hall on the Wimbledon Guardian; could you send me a link?


  4. I wish I was like you because your singing is so amazing. I hope you have a nice trip.


  5. I loved Linsey Sterling music as much as i like her . I think she’s a very talented violin player. Bl


  6. I found music very fun and want to carry on having fun I would like to have some more time with the boom wackers andhe drum because them insdtrumentse I lik. but I wold but I would are sake to do more sighing because its hard because we are always using musical instruments. and I would love to do some work on thwe dreum


  7. the Simpsons is really clever as on person uses different recordings and makes a harmony with them to make a great song!:)


  8. The music is very funny and entertains you whilst you learn. This is very big contribution to to the website.This is turning out to be amzing Mrs .Music is amzing.


  9. I love the way the simpson song of how he created the music without any musical instruments.


  10. I thought the James Bond theme video was really cool. I loved how they broke up diffrent videos then put them together to make a music video.
    – Katya


  11. I absolutely loved the Simpsons theme tune! It was cool how one person could do loads of harmony’s! It sounded GREAT!!


  12. I loved the william tell. I have learnt it on the violin for my grade exam, it was so fun.


  13. WOW! I loved the William Tell music. I have learnt to play it on the violin and it sounds very similar.It helped me to play it.


  14. After taking time to actually look at this page, I think that that this it is my favorite. I will definitely encourage people to check out this page! 🙂


  15. I really loved the Bobby McFerrin, video, where he demonstrated the power of scale. The people in the audience were good as well.


  16. I just love the James Bond Theme and the Simpsons. I just can’t stop watching it! Hilarious!


  17. I am very pleased that our school has been selected in the finals because this school is the best.


  18. I like the simpsons clip because its funny and it makes the actual theme song come alive even more


    • Wow, he is so amazing! I hope that one day, (if I get to meet him) he will teach me how to do something like that! 🙂


  19. That man is talented! . I have been lokking through his videos and it is just brillent!


    • looking ! Sorry , I was typing too fast!


  20. I think the one called you’re mean one because its very funny and it has a fun tune”!!!!


  21. I like the simpsons video because its just like the real
    simpsons voice. Its really cool.


  22. I liked the simpsons video because it is really that amazing how many stuff you can do with your only voice.


  23. The clips that you have put on this blog really do make you think.I really like the simpson clip it is really clever and it makes you think about what you can do if you try your best i also think that it is funny too. 🙂


    • They actually do make you think a lot!


  24. I like the SIMPSONS theme because it was really funny when he was sing in a girls voice and i


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