WCET: Yr 4 instrumental tuition

Meet the Tutors!

 James Gregg pic

My name is James Gregg and I am a recent graduate of the University of Leeds, where I studied BA Music. I have played the trumpet from the age of 6, and now at 22 enjoy playing trumpet across a whole range of genres including jazz/big band music, classical ensembles and pop/fusion bands. Having grown up myself through the Merton Music Foundation it is a pleasure to be working for them as a tutor, and I am very excited about this project that we have going on at St. Theresa’s!

Tom Early

Hi! My name is Tom and I’m the new djembe tutor at St. Teresa’s. I play all sorts of drums and percussion, from the drum kit, to Brazilian samba, to the African djembe that we’re learning together! Outside of school, I play a lot of jazz music and run two jazz clubs, The Ashtead Jazz Club in Ashtead and The Lantern Jazz Club in Raynes Park. Come along and hear us play sometime!

Jo H

Joseph Howell
Guitarist, Educator and Performer

Joseph Howell studied Jazz Guitar at the Birmingham Conservatoire. He has performed his own original music in venues across the UK, and was runner-up in the 2011 Budvar Jazz Competition. As an educator, he currently holds teaching positions in several South London schools, has coordinated whole class instrumental ‘wider-opportunities’ classes, and has supported the ‘rock styles’ ensemble workshops with Merton Music Foundation. He is currently working on the debut E.P for his new band, ‘An Endless Cycle’, which will be released in early 2017.

Week 1

Week 2

Wider Ops charts guitar


Wider Ops charts guitar



4 thoughts on “WCET: Yr 4 instrumental tuition

  1. Doing music in year4 has been fun my favorite instrument was the djembe and I think the hardest instrument was the trumpet as you have to blow really hard. I would recommend practicing at home and listening carefully to the teachers.


  2. i have really enjoyed playing instruments and i cannot wait to play our last instrument.


  3. I absolutely love having these lessons. The way they teach us is really cool and gives great education.


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