Percussion round up

Can you remember the names of the instruments we looked at last week with ms Lili?

If you know the names of these instruments leave me a comment below!

Which of these instruments have you handled and played?

I look forward to seeing you on Monday for our next lesson!

10 thoughts on “Percussion round up

  1. first maraca second sneir third glock fourth xylophone fith glaves sixth guiro seventh djembae


  2. the first one is maracas
    second snare
    third glock
    fourth xylophone
    fifth claves
    six guiro
    seventh djembes
    why did you choose year 4 to get ms lili
    as a music teacher


    • Well done Nethoshain – you are the first person to name all of the instruments!

      In answer to your question – I chose year 4 because I thought you would be able to concentrate and work really hard. Ms lili will be with us until Christmas. Did you enjoy todays lesson?


    • Great try Isabelle! If you let the mouse hover over the picture it will actually tell you the name of the instrument. Have a try!

      Thank you for leaving a comment 🙂


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