Yr 4 Percussion points

Well done year 4 – some great concentration!

Have a listen to some of the rhythms we played today.

Maybe you could leave a comment below saying which class rhythm sounds best?

REMEMBER : we have to keep our instruments under control so they don’t make a sound. Look how we need to hold them

If we hold the claves far apart we will never accidentally make a sound!

Have you done your homework yet? You need to scroll back through the blog and leave a comment telling us the names of the percussion instruments. Well done to Nethoshain and Isabelle who are the first 2 to have a go.

7 thoughts on “Yr 4 Percussion points

  1. music matters homework:

    Little baby please don’t cry
    I will sing a lulaby
    little baby don’t be scared
    I am right here by your bed


  2. Fantastic percussion! I think you would give STOMP a run for their money! I love the mix of voice and instruments. Keep up the good work!


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