Chorus lyrics for rap

Hi year 6,

Well done for such a productive music lesson. As soon as you left the room I really regretted that we didn’t write down the lyrics you came up with and I’m worried that we will forget them by next week. Can you just quickly write down soup of the lyrics you were working on as a comment please! The theme was “The Future” and we were aiming for either couplets or lines with assonance.
Thank you!

4 thoughts on “Chorus lyrics for rap

  1. What will you achieve? all you gotta do is just believe.
    Will your score be more or just be poor?


  2. Money in the future is inevitable, tommorow im gonna buy a convertible.

    -Szymon, Daniel, James, Joakeen.


    • Thanks boys! I love how you rhymed inevitable with convertible


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