Hello year 5!

Hello year 5 and welcome back to school!

Did you spend much of your holidays watching the Olympics? It was very inspiring listening to the athletes. I particularly loved the interview Mo Farrah did where he said his achievement was mainly due to “hard graft”. It got me thinking that it is the same with music. EVERYONE who is willing to try hard and make an effort can be really good at music. If you would like to start learning an instrument and you are prepared to put in some effort let me know! Ive just started to learn the piano and though I find it tricky I’ve realised the more I practise the easier it gets!

One of the side effects of working hard at music means thats that your brain gets even better at maths and literacy. Incredible but true!

This year in music we have another exciting project that I am positive you are going to be really excited about! I will put up the details as soon as I can. I have picked year 5 to be the blogmasters! You were so fantastic at blogging “Ring around the World” it makes perfect sense to choose your year group to give a lead. I will be looking for some music ambassadors so watch out for the adverts by the music room.

This year we will be singing, exploring rhythm and pulse, songwriting and finding out about Mozart.What you think about your music lessons matters to me. I would love to know which bits you enjoy/don’t enjoy and why! What music do you listen to? Do you play an instrument at home? How are the lessons going? Do you find it tough to practise? What would be your PERFECT music lesson? Is there anything you are keen to learn about in class?

This year I am determined to be a better listener and find out more about my students so can you help me out by replying to my questions either by leaving me a message on the blog or a note in the music room.

I really enjoyed our lessons last year – I was SO PROUD of your “Ring around the World” project. I know that you will achieve even more in year 5!

Best wishes,
Mrs Schneider

PS – this video made me laugh. it shows so many different styles of music in just ONE song!

32 thoughts on “Hello year 5!

  1. Also I loved the song you posted on the blog it made my heart full of Joy,Happiness and many more feelings From Jason


  2. Mrs Schneider when I try to go on the dashboard it does not work for some reason,and I have made my own account already but it still does not work


  3. Music is not only about singing and instruments its about feeling the music in your
    heart and your whole body.


  4. I love singing dancing and everything else about music !!!!!!!!!!! Music really matters for me….


  5. I love this blog . Its got loads of videos and a place where you can leave comments alllllllll day ……


  6. at the end it was very funny becausethey all froze and then the boy started spitting


    • I don’t think he was spitting – i think he was blowing a raspberry!


  7. Are you ready for year 5 because things are about to get harder. Hope you had a good holiday ……….BY THE WAY GREAT VIDEOS


  8. Hello Mrs Schnieder, I love year 5! I hope my mucic really improves this year with your help Mrs Schnieder. :]


    • I am confident you will get even better at music Chantelle because you work SO hard in my lessons 🙂


    • I am sure we can make it even better. What it needs is some examples of your work!


  9. I am so exctied to have new music lessons and we get to got to the ROYAL ALBERT HALL.:p


    • Me too! I am EXTREMELY excited 🙂


    • Thank you Alisha. With your help we can make it even better.


  10. i so badly want to write a post now!I have ever so much stuff to say!I’m pretty confident about writing good posts!I have been to the royal albert hall before to with chior it’s such an amazing thing to do!I’ve always wanted to go back and now i can!


  11. I’m so excited. I was told that we are going to be very busy this year in year5. Like going to the Royal Albert Hall, and much more other stuff, as soon as I get home I am going to write a post… once I figure out how to do it. 🙂


  12. Thank you so much for your comment Christabel. You put so much effort into your music and school work that I think you really deserve these exciting experiences. I think you would be a fantastic digital leader in school. I am going to talk to you about how you can play an important role


  13. I cant believe im starting a new music journey in year 5 . Ring around the world was really fun .NOW ROYAL ALBERT HALL!!!!!!!!!What a wonder full experience.


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