Ostinato is an italian word that simply means a “repeating musical pattern”. Year 5 & 6 are going to be investigating and performing these patterns over the next few weeks.

Meanwhile have a look at how the BBC define an ostinato.

Click here

Have a look at these kids performing a simple ostinato as the teacher plays a recorder.

13 thoughts on “Ostinato

  1. I love the videos on the blog at the moment.They are very inspiring and are also fun to look at when you are bored.


  2. I really look forward to our next lessons with miss Schneider after half term


    • I think the ostino we identified in that song is a real ear worm!


  3. Things like Ostinatos make me enjoy and want to develop my musical skills,it’s very amusing that some Ostinatos are simple but catchy.


    • I agree,the first Ostinato I heard was very catchy and didn’t leave my head for ages!


    • I agree when I hear ostinato’s the stay in my head for ever!


    • That is very true Holly I loved it too.Although it was stuck in my head for a long time and I couldnt get it out.


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