Year 6 World War 2 day – todays pics posted!!

Music was very important to people during the second world war. Factories played popular tunes to keep their workers happy and to get them to work harder. Homesick soldiers enjoyed the special music concerts that the Army arranged for them. Lots of people sang cheery tunes to help them keep their spirits up.

The video below is taken from a radio programme that used to be played every day in factories. It is quite different from the radio programmes that the BBC make today!

Glenn Miller was an American musician and composer who was very famous before the war. Once war broke out he joined the army and used music to keep up morale for the American soldiers. This is a clip from a film about him.

This is a very famous song by a singer called Vera Lynn. Soldiers were going off to fight leaving their families behind. Many wives and mothers were terrified their sons and husbands would be killed and not return so the song “We’ll meet again” tried to reassure families that there loved ones would actually return

Dances were very popular. Below is an American style of dancing that was very energetic!

Below is a clip from Billy Cotton who was a very popular British dance band leader.

Finally, have a look at last years year 6 dancing.


Have a look at this year 6 dancing. They were jitterbugging SO enthusiastically the pictures are blurry!

WW2 day 2013 on PhotoPeach

4 thoughts on “Year 6 World War 2 day – todays pics posted!!

  1. Wow! Looks like you guys had a fab WWII day! The dancing looks fun! Did you sing songs too?


  2. WWII day was the best. I liked dancing in a WWII style because it was amazing and I liked it very much.


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