Chopin Animations

Year 6 have been listening very carefully to 2 pieces of Chopin: The Etudes Opus 25, number 9 & number 10. They have imagined a film scene suggested by the mood of the music. The children had to do all of their planning and preparation during their free time. They turned up to today’s music lesson with props and drawings. We only had 1 iPad (mine!) for the whole class to use. This is what they have come up with.

13 thoughts on “Chopin Animations

  1. Chopin Animations look and sound great ,I am definitely impressed with an imaginary and creative mind you guys have.


  2. After reading your comment ,I totally agree with what you wrote .’The magic piano’ definitely took me by surprise ,as I was not expect that much emotion and adventure.


  3. I love the magic panio because it has a lot of Good parts and it’s amazing!
    My best part is when Hannah sees her farther through the telescope.


  4. Personally, the movie Chopins Movie “The Magic Piano” was very suprising, as i didn’t expect it to be like that. Initially, i thought it was going to be an everyday movie when the story is always the same…but no, it was different. It was more, emotional and heart feeling because i really felt Anna’s feelings, they showed it clearly. As for ChipChip you could tell his emotions towards Anna. The music as well, it connects really well with the story because one minute there is really beautiful music and something wonderful happening, the next, there is fast beat music and something dangerous is happing. “The Magic Piano” was a wonderful movie and if i had the DVD i would definitely ask my friends to come over and watch the movie! I recomend this movie to any one, any age, this is how good the movie was (: ….


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