Year 6 song writing project

I am so proud of year 6! They have written some incredible songs to celebrate the time they have spent at St Teresa’s. If you click on the audio clips below you will hear a rough draft of their songs. Please bear in mind that these songs are still in development. These are not polished performances but brave and generous demonstrations from composers willing to take creative risks. How many people do you know that have written a song?

12 thoughts on “Year 6 song writing project

  1. Hi I’m James I was one of the singers in the boy group ‘don’t look back’ is the song we sang originally it was the ‘Final whistle’ but I think it sounds better as ‘don’t look back’ anyway I am really looking forward to Friday where our songs will be recorded in a studio [YAY] I have extended the original song and added another rap to it
    Yr. 6 student James


    • I too am very excited James! I can hardly wait to get in the studio on Friday!


  2. A huge thankyou on behalf of my group ,however the title of our song is incorrect and is supposed to be ” time flys by”.


  3. We are all students in Years 10-13 at Hayes School, and because we’re in Chamber Choir we know a thing or two about songs! Count Me In – if Ariana Grande released this it would make millions! General comments for all the songs…There was some great confident and stylish singing and we really enjoyed the rap too! We are really impressed with your lyrics too, and there were some great rhymes. Your songs are really well-structured, and have a good feeling of style. We look forward to hearing them again when you’ve added some backings!


  4. Some excellent work demonstrated here year 6, you should be very proud.
    I am most impressed with those who have really stepped outside of their comfort zone and given it a go, even when feeling particularly nervous.
    Well done to you all and good luck! πŸ™‚


  5. Hello Year 6,
    I’m Judith from Sound and Music – we’re a charity that supports composers and creative musicians. I think you have created an amazing collection of songs! Each one has a strong musical shape of its own with great lyrics. You’ve clearly thought long and hard about what has been important to you during your time at school and how those words can be fitted to music. You’ve also carefully thought about the shape of the melodies, the rhythm and I can hear that you’ve already got ideas for backings and accompanyments too! Good luck as you go to your new schools – and keep creating music! πŸ™‚


  6. Hi Year 6, I’m from Sing Up. I just wanted to say what a talented bunch you are. I’m so impressed with all of your songs, both the lyrics and the singing! Keep up the good work. You’ve all got a bright future ahead πŸ™‚


  7. Hiya, I’m Laura and am in year 10,
    I think all of these songs are fab and I really enjoyed listening to them all. I am so impressed! I loved all the original tunes with really interesting and really well written lyrics! I especially loved the range of styles you’ve chosen across the class and all your singing performances were great too!! Well done πŸ™‚


  8. Hi, I’m Hannah and am studying GCSE music at Beaumont school. I’d like to say I really enjoyed listening to all of these songs you made up , all the students seem very talented (because I know how difficult it is to compose). I loved all the different styles of each song and can tell lots of time must have been spent writing them since they’re all amazing! Well done!


  9. Some great songs here! What you need now are some backings, which you can create easily with GarageBand.
    If you have only one iPad available, choose just one song and get the writers to teach it to the rest of the class. Find a drum loop in GarageBand that fits with it and sing along.
    Then add a few guitar chords [again from GarageBand]. Here is my version of your great song “One Step Closer” done in this way… which gives you an idea of what I mean. I’m using the chords C/F/C/F/C/F/C/C/AM/F/G/G


  10. Hi I’m Bethany and I’m a GCSE music student. Well done, i was really impressed listening to all of your songs, especially as i know how difficult it is to compose something new as i am currently composing a piece for my GCSE. I really liked how individual and original each of the songs were and how much time you have obviously put in as they’re all quite long.
    Good luck! x


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